Nineteen Eighty-Four was a British television adaptation of the novel of the same name by George Orwell, originally broadcast on BBC Television in the winter of 1954. The production proved to be hugely controversial, with questions asked in Parliament and many viewer complaints over its supposed subversive nature and horrific content. In a 2000 poll of industry experts conducted by the British Film Institute to determine the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes of the 20th century, Nineteen Eighty-Four was ranked in seventy-third position.




 1954 BBC 1984 production



1956 production of 1984


The 1984 version filmed in 1984 .The film was shot in and around London between April and June 1984. Some scenes were shot on the actual days noted in Winston Smith's diary (for example: April 4, 1984). Nineteen Eighty-Four stars John Hurt as Winston Smith and Richard Burton as O'Brien, and was directed by Michael Radford. English actress Suzanna Hamilton was cast as Julia, the late Irish actor Cyril Cusack appeared as Mr. Charrington, and the Scottish comedian, Gregor Fisher, appeared as Parsons. O'Brien was Burton's last movie role and the film is dedicated to his memory.

Michael Radford and cinematographer Roger Deakins originally wanted to shoot the film in black and white, but the financial backers of the production, Virgin Films, opposed this idea. Instead Deakins used a little-known film processing technique called Bleach bypass to create the distinctive washed-out look of the film's color visuals. Soundtrack by the Eurythmics .


 1984 (1984) trailer



Animal Farm


Animal Farm has been adapted to film twice. The 1954 Animal Farm film was an animated feature and the 1999 Animal Farm film was a TV live action version, both differ from the novel

British animated feature based on the popular book by George Orwell. It was the first British animated feature released worldwide, but it was by no means the first British animated feature ever made (that honour goes to Handling Ships, an instructional film for the Admiralty made in 1945). It can, however, be said to be the first British animated feature film on general release.



1954 version animal farm



1999 version of animal farm


Colin Blakely as George Brown in the tv version of Coming Up for Air, 1965


Gordon Comstock as Alfred Lynch and Anne Stalleybrass as Rosemary in Keep the Aspidria Flying

A film adaptation of Keep the Aspidistra Flying was released in 1997, directed by Robert Bierman, and starring Richard E. Grant and Helena Bonham Carter.The film appeared in North America and New Zealand under the alternative title of A Merry War.



 A Merry War 1997



trailer for Keep the Aspidistra Flying





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